How to Use Highlighters Like a Pro

How to Use Highlighters Like a Pro

Atomic Makeup has three different highlighting powders for you to choose from. Our Pretty Penny, Bonita and Stare and Glare have been designed to meet many different looks and diverse skin color needs. When it comes to highlighting, we have a few tips to get you going. It can seem like a complicated process that only the Kardashians have mastered, but with a clear how-to, you can boost your confidence and bring focus to your favorite features. Once you get the hang of the basics, you'll love using a highlighter as part of your daily makeup ritual. 

Get Prepared

To get the most out of your Atomic Makeup highlighter, you need to work with a renewed base. Make sure you're applying your makeup in a well-lit room to clearly see your skin, products, and tools. We have designed our highlighters to be versatile and illuminating on all types of skin. Make sure you've cleansed and moisturized before you get started. When you've done this prep, take out your primer and smooth on a thin layer. Once your skin has soaked this up, gently and evenly apply your foundation. You can use a soft sponge, your fingertips, or a brush - this is an entirely personal decision, and what works best for one may not be the right choice for another. Use your concealer to further cover up any pimples, blemishes, or dark under-eye circles if you'd like more coverage.

The Application

Now that you've got your foundation all set and ready, whip out your chosen highlighter. Pretty Penny will give you a beachy, bronzed glow, Bonita is for your softer, daytime look, and Stare and Glare - inspired by the roaring discos of the 80's - is for a radiant, hard-to-miss glow. The handy thing about our highlighters is that they're great for layering and building color. You can have a more gradual appearance or build up to a more brilliant, noticeable shine - it's entirely up to you, the occasion, and what you're feeling for. This flexibility is part of what embodies Atomic Makeup, and we hope that when you wear Atomic, you feel empowered and free to be whoever you want to be!

To create the desired effect:

  1. Think about the parts of your face that naturally catch the light.
  2. Your cheekbones, the cozy areas below and above your eyebrow curves, chin, and the middle point of your forehead are all spot to consider.
  3. When building up the color and product - focus on the larger areas of your face - especially the high end of the cheeks.

Where you naturally go a little rosy after a workout or an embarrassing moment is where you want to be working. Following your skin's natural coloring and accentuating those "glowy" areas will bring your face to life. We love the quick trick to make your eyes look more significant - a dab of highlighter with your pinky finger on the inner point of your eyes. To widen the look, even more, put a dot on either side of the eye. Blend it so that the drop is not too stark. The highlighter here brings out the white of your eyes and opens them up so that you look fresh and ready for the day!

Our Atomic Makeup highlighter is in a creamy powder form, so we recommend using your fingers to lightly dust on and blend the product. A medium-sized fan brush also works well - especially for the larger areas of the face, such as the cheeks and forehead. Some like to use a combination of fingertips and the brush, which is perfect too.

Go for Gold

It's our mission to promote the freedom to express one's artistic self by creating makeup that matches every skin tone and personality. What sets us apart is our high-quality vegan, cruelty-free, and fun-to-wear products. We believe that feeling confident and beautiful can be achieved without harming animals or people. The way we create our products will never include any cruel tests or nasty chemicals. Our makeup is affordable and handmade with love in New York City. We hope you'll love the benefits of your chosen Atomic highlighter - from day to night - it's the product that can lift your look and keep you glowing and radiant 24/7.

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