Where to Start with Makeup

Where to Start with Makeup

Makeup can be a powerful tool. Whether you want to highlight your favorite features (hello beautiful eyes) or cover up dark circles after a stressful day or lousy night's sleep - Atomic Makeup has your best interests at heart. If you want to learn the basics of makeup to improve your day-to-day - you've found the perfect blog post. We'll look at lips, eyes, and cheeks!

Lovely Lips

In our essential makeup starter-kit bag, we have a more "natural" color lipstick to begin with - the Atomic Makeup 'Montrose'. We need to ease into this process, and a natural, subtle shade will be the easiest and most effective first step. This matte shade enhances your lip color, provides nourishment and a bit of extra shine to keep you confident and feeling vibrant throughout the day. As you begin to wear makeup more and more, you can experiment with different shades and see whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish. When you're ready, you'll see the joy in a pop of red lipstick with a striking black dress. The options are endless!

It's All In The Eyes

The eyes are often the focal point of the face. Your expressions can carry more weight when your eyes are highlighted, and your non-verbal communication is easily accentuated. By adding some color to your eyelids, you can enhance your eye's natural shape and bring focus to your eye color. Whether blue, green, brown, or a combination - the Atomic Makeup 'Night Shaker' cream eyeshadow is a staple for any starter makeup kit. Super easy to apply - just use clean fingertips and gently brush evenly over the eyelid from the start of the eyelash line to the crease where the lid ends. Blend in small circles to even out the application. It's all in the eyes!

Sweet Cheeks

Sometimes you'll wake up feeling pale and puffy. If you've had a few days of bad eating, staying up late, a bit of sickness, or just stress in general - it can show up on your skin and especially your face. Using a highlighter on your cheeks can gently liven up your appearance and help you get that color to face the day. For this, our Atomic Makeup starter kit holds 'Bonita' - a beautiful, lightweight powder that you can dust onto your cheeks with your fingertips or an essential powder brush. A little product goes a long way! Give a big smile, and use the top of your cheeks as the basis for adding a pop of color. Added bonus: once you've smiled, you'll automatically start feeling good, and that color will look and feel even more natural!

Starting out with makeup doesn't need to be daunting. With one or two little tricks, you can cover up, enhance or transform. These three Atomic Makeup products can be your trusted basis for a comfortable yet effortless and simple everyday makeup routine. Less than five minutes, and you'll be good to go!

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