Which Body Glitter is Right For Me?

Which Body Glitter is Right For Me?

Atomic Makeup loves body glitter. It can be so much fun! Whether you're looking to do a complete glitter-focused look or hope to add some subtle sparkles to your day-to-day, our body glitter handmade in New York is versatile enough to give you all of the options! A significant bonus with our range at Atomic is how gentle the products are. There are no harsh ingredients, and the products are all TALC, sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free. We have all sorts of colors and textures - a 100% vegan and cruelty-free product that you can enjoy and feel good about wearing whenever you feel like wearing it.

There are a few things to consider before moving forward with your body glitter purchase. You've decided that you love the look (us too), but now you need to choose the right color and check the ingredients. If you're one with sensitive skin, it's always essential to make sure you've kept an eye out for any nasties! When it comes to your makeup brand, you want to resonate with the values it holds.

To start with some colors, our Limelight will give you mermaid feels. It is a simple, light, and airy look with lots of white and mermaid tail shades. That look when you're underwater looking up, and you see the sun glistening on top of the water? You'll experience that on your skin with this shade. The beautiful Limelight body glitter comes in a "fine" variant - when the body glitter is more delicate, it's an entirely different effect on the face or body. The glitter is more granular and gives a solid look than the more three-dimensional, flowing appearance of the regular Atomic Makeup body glitter.

The Atomic Makeup Bungalow is a bright, pink, purple blend of love in a pot. It's bold and screams, "Ready to dance!"

We also love our Tunnel shade - it's more of a simple silver with slithers of blue, pink, and gold as it moves and turns. The Tunnel comes in a lovely, finer type variant as well.

The Super Star has a focus on shades of gold, with glimmers of peach and lighter pink. It is our glitter of the sun - power, heat, and loads of glowing confidence. This popular color also comes in a more advanced option to ensure that your unique look will be created - no matter what it is.

Then, our sweet, colorful Confetti. This body glitter is a reminder of a beautiful blue lagoon against a backdrop of white ice. If you've seen photos or been to Iceland, you may have the perfect idea of what we mean. It's a dream! Think ice queen gliding down a frozen ocean while it's snowing… This body glitter will make you feel like celebrating.

Last but not least, our marvelous Grapetini. This body glitter is ideal for someone a little nervous about color. It could be the starting block before you branch out into the other colors.

Our body glitters have a light fragrance. With this, the formula is soft and soothing; we've added organic aloe vera juice and witch hazel to ensure a moisturizing touch while you glitter and glow! It stays on with ease and removes - just some soapy water or if you like, your usual makeup-removing cleanser. Where to use these body glitters? The story is in your hands! Highlight your best features and add a bit of zest to your day-to-day makeup routine. A brush or your fingertips is perfect for application - cheekbones, chest, hair, face, or body - you'll be glowing with healthy ingredients! Don't be surprised when they tell you there's a sparkle in your eye.

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