The Top Three Makeup Trends Right Now

The Top Three Makeup Trends Right Now

Atomic Makeup loves the ability to express and embrace and beauty. It’s the foundation of who we are! Whether you keep up with makeup trends, enjoy the beautiful basics, or start your craze - we make sure that our range includes something for everyone. Our mission is to promote diversity while creating vegan and cruelty-free products - Atomic Makeup has got you covered.

Once you’ve got the basics nicely put together (we’ve got an article all about that over here), you might feel a little more confident to play around with your makeup kit. Makeup can be a fun and exciting way to express yourself and be part of current trends - if that’s your thing! If not, there’s always something to learn, and who knows? You may pick up a sassy trick or two!

Have you found your perfect lip color? Before jumping into the top three current makeup trends, take a peek at how to ensure you’re wearing the right shade for you. We also have an article all about using highlighters - another staple for your basic makeup routine. Once you’ve got lips and cheeks waxed, you’re pretty much ready for any trend that comes your way. Go, girl!

Since the start of lockdown, we’ve seen some exciting makeup trends. With more time at home, makeup enthusiasts have had the opportunity to play around with attractive colors, techniques, and tools. We’re all for creativity, and our hearts beam when we see our community feeling confident in who they were born to be. With loads more people on Zoom - there is a focus on the face, and makeup is a fun way to keep yourself feeling good, fresh, and presentable to colleagues, clients, or prospective employers. There are so many exciting makeup trends floating around. We’ve wrapped up three of our current favorites, and we hope you’ll love them too!

The Smoldering Eye

Ah, just saying the word “smoldering” is a bonus! It makes you feel like a soft Persian cat propped up on a silk pillow - cream on tap. This makeup trend is all about bringing focus to the eyes—lots of stress. Whether you use the more classic, darker shades such as grey, brown or black to create your smoldering look, or you branch out with a new color eyeliner (we loved the look in dark blue) - it’s all on-trend! Atomic Makeup stocks a soft cream eyeshadow - Double Fantasy - it’s Fifty Shades of Grey but in one beautiful layer. We mentioned a shade of blue - our Iris is a bestseller. The whole idea is to keep it playful. The more smolder, the better. With everyone wearing masks, focusing on your eyes is a meaningful and clever way to work your makeup when you want to go out and still feel cute.

Lips that Pop

Yes, we know that it’s pretty pointless to spend time perfecting your lips when they’ll be covered (and possibly ruined) by wearing a mask. This trend is focusing on our Atomic babes working from home. There’s no need to shy away from expressing your mood with lipstick! You can work safely at home with no mask. Enjoy this freedom! Let your lips speak on behalf of the folded going-out clothes. We know it has been an adjustment for all, but there are also many benefits to enjoying loungewear (or just your pyjama pants) while working independently. We see that hot pink is really in, but any shade that pops will keep you on-trend with what’s currently hot on the makeup front. Our Baby Bay CBD Liquid Lipstick is flying! There’s no shame in a pink love affair.

Face-framing Embellishments

Here again, we’re able to use our makeup to have fun, focusing on the parts of the face not covered by our masks, drawing attention to our eyes, cheeks, hair, and even the nose! Whatever you’re loving and feeling, use a glitzy embellishment to add color and zest to your makeup. Our Atomic Makeup body glitter will be ideal for this trend. We have loads of gorgeous colors, and you can choose from fine glitter or glitter with more of a visible chunk. This trend will make your makeup routine fun and glamorous!

Another quick trend is what the industry calls “clean” makeup. To us, that’s just Atomic Makeup. It’s who we are and what we stand for. Our product formulations are made with love in our New York City lab. We don’t test on animals, and we keep away from all and any nasties! Atomic Makeup is 100% vegan and cruelty-free so that you can feel confident and good about the choices you make. We’re all about being true to you, so if you’d rather skip on the trends and just keep doing what works for you - we love that! Enjoy the space to have fun with your makeup - there are no limits. Just do you.

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